21 May Message from the Mayor of Argostoli

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May 21st has always been of special importance to Kefalonia and the Ionian Islands. It is the anniversary of the integration of our islands in the Greek National Body, after centuries of foreign domination.

On May 21, 1864, the then-British-occupied Ionian Islands became the first enlargement of the newly formed Greek state that was in its infancy.

The Ionian Islands were reconnected to their national matrix and Greece was strengthened not only territorially and demographically but also revived its spiritual and cultural identity.

The path to the conquest of the freedom of the Ionian Islands has been long, militant and inspired by Radicalism, whose most unwavering expression has been in Kefalonia. We always honour the struggles, the memory, the visions, the social messages of the protagonists of the Union but also of the ordinary people who contributed decisively to it.

This year’s special celebration conditions may make him subdued but in no way do they underscore his importance.

Next year, together with the 200 years of our national polygenesis, we will celebrate with the splendour that befits the 21st of May.

Happy birthday to everyone

The Mayor of Argostoli

Theophilos Michalatos

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