71 new outbreaks of coronavirus in Greece today and 26 dead overall


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At this time the news of new outbreaks of coronavirus in Greece is now 892 and 26 more dead with four new deaths today.

Unfortunately for many days, it is a daily occurrence to record new cases of coronavirus in Greece. And today’s is no exception.

The deadly virus is spreading in our country and only today, Thursday 26.03.2020, three people died , with the total number of deaths now rising to 25.

In the meantime, there is an ongoing update on the “map” of the virus in our country, with the Coronavirus Ministry of Health spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras taking over his usual position.

Mr. Tsiodras informed that there are 71 new cases of coronavirus in Greece and 892 in total.

57 are our fellow citizens hospitalized in ICUs, 54 of them are intubated. Most are men with underlying diseases.

He also announced that 42 patients had been discharged.

“We do not have an Italian course, but if the measures are lifted, rest assured, a similar picture will follow,” Mr Tsiodras also said.

The incidence in Europe has tripled
EODY with the European Center for Disease Prevention is monitoring and evaluating the course of coronavirus in our home country and in Europe, Sotiris Tsiodras also noted. As he said, in 14 days the number of new cases of coronavirus rose from 3.3 to 36.1 per 100,000 population, that is 10 times higher in Europe.

Scientists expect continued transmission and a similar increase in Hubei’s trial in all European countries over the next few days, continued Tsiodras. “It is not possible, to date, to evaluate the effect of the measures on the general population. The picture from Italy and Spain is so bad, ”he worries, as he said.

The Greek infectious disease expert noted, however, that they need to be positively concerned and adhere to restrictive measures. “If the measures are lifted, the picture will be similar to that in Italy,” he said, reiterating that the risk of serious illness is particularly high for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

Kardali: 5,824 citizens contact quarantine cases across the country
“The Greek community is showing remarkable seriousness and consistency. The coronavirus makes no exceptions. No one is safe, the best way to break the chain is to stick to the measures, “he said. Citizen Protection, Nikos Chardalias.

Undersecretary of State for Citizen Protection, Nikos Chardalias, said during the briefing that security forces have the right to freedom of movement when in service. For the rest of their journeys the same applies to other citizens.

Nikos Chardalias stressed that the audits will be sweeping over the next three days. “Quarantine checks will be sweeping across the country,” he said characteristically, adding: “The more stringent we implement the measures, the faster we will get our lives back.”

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