Creating a Film Office in the Ionian Islands Region

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The repair and configuration of space for the creation of the Film Office for the Ionian Islands Region was decided by a majority of the Regional Council of Ionian Islands during its meeting, which took place today, Friday 22 May 2020, through the teleconference service e:

The Film Office space is located on Velissariou Street, in the center of Corfu Town, while it will have satellite officesin all 4 Regional Units.

The creation of a regional Film Office in all Regions as a point of reference and communication with the audiovisual industry is a national policy, initiated by the previous Government, evolving and strengthening today.

The aim is to create a structure that, on the one hand, highlights the advantages of the Ionian Islands, as suitable and attractive places for audiovisual productions, but also to undertake the service and arrangement of all processes for the needs of producers.

The Region utilizes its participation in the European Interreg Program Greece – Italy for the design and creation of a Film Office in collaboration with the Region of Puglia (Italy).

In this context, the Region will promote the exchange of good practices and utilize the current know-how of other countries as well as its presence in international meetings to make the Ionian Islands known as places of audiovisual activities with competitive talents and structures.

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