Epidemiologist: We can’t control all tourists – Some cases will enter the country



Christos Chatzichristodoulou, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Thessaly, spoke about how confident we can be about the operation and effectiveness of the PLF model on the occasion of the opening of tourism in our country from tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1st.

“Apart from the mathematical model, there is also a team of epidemiologists who review the data, we meet almost every day. We evaluate this model, we make corrections even manually “, said Mr. Hatzichristodoulou, speaking to SKAI.

“We can’t control all the tourists, we can’t afford to do it,” he said. We are waiting for that. ” Mr. Hadjichristodoulou noted that the second level of defense is important from there and then it is to find cases and track contacts. “And PLF helps again, ” he said.

Regarding the “ban” on arrivals from Sweden and Great Britain and whether this is under review, Mr. Hadjichristodoulou expressed his assessment that the situation in Great Britain seems to be improving, which may, in his personal opinion, imply lifting ban before the 15th of the month, but the same does not apply to Sweden, the United States and Russia.

Regarding the tests performed at the airports, the professor admitted that these cannot be 100% accurate and that some virus-positive tourists who may be at the time of incubation will certainly not be identified.

In any case, they are targeted sampling tests , which means that they are based on the potential risk that each tourist has.

“So it’s not so coincidental,” he said.

Hatzichristodoulou: Even a single case can be a source of concern
“There will be no zero risk and there is none,” he said, adding that once we have decided to open our borders, we accept that we will have some risk and we are there to manage it.

Answering the question of how many cases of coronary entrapment he estimates we may have and in particular what number could potentially be a “red alert”, Mr. Hadjichristodoulou expressed the belief that even one case can be a source of concern for experts so the situation needs to be constant vigilance and work very well tracking.

” We will not expect a major escalation to take action, ” he said.

“Measures must be in place in the first case, not waiting to have 100 cases on an island to take action,” he said.

According to Mr. Hadjichristodoulou, the results of the tests that will be performed will be processed and feed back the PLF model.

Regarding the control of the tourists who arrive in our country by making an intermediate stop before the destination, the Epidemiologist clarified that there is a prediction that this will be done once they have reached their final destination.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” “We must always be optimistic. There is a lot of fatigue, overwork. I want to be optimistic because the country needs to be opened up, tourism needs to work, so that we can get back to normal life as much as possible, “he said, sending a message that we must not forget the measures.

“It simply came to our notice then. The virus has not left Greece, “he said.

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