How the borders open from July 1 – With targeted tests the control in the tourists and ports opening from Italy



The ” tourism ” operation is in full swing in view of the “opening” of foreign flights from July 1.

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, continued his tour today, for the second day, with visits to the airports of Kythira, Chania and Heraklion in Crete. His visits to the airports of Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Corfu, Ioannina and Kalamata were preceded yesterday, Friday, in the context of the “inspection” he is carrying out in order to coordinate all the procedures for the safe opening of the airports. , in cooperation with locally competent authorities.

From the airport of Heraklion “N. Kazantzakis” that from next Wednesday 40 flights will arrive from abroad, Mr. Hardalias gave a first taste of the way in which the samples will be taken in order to determine whether those entering our country flights, there are cases of corona.

“It should be clear that issues related to tourism are issues of immediate priority for the government, but equally important and in the foreground are issues of public health,” said Mr. Hardalias, noting that “what will happen, is that the country will open but with absolute rules of health and responsibility towards the processes that are needed, so that the travelers who will come are safe, but mainly the general population that will receive them. It is a difficult exercise, however we have proved to all stakeholders and all Greeks, that in difficult times, all together in a spirit of cooperation, understanding and consensus we can bring concrete results, “said Mr. Hardalias. Announce,

“The reception measures of the travelers, all the protocols have been completed, and already on Monday and Tuesday the simulation exercises will run in all the airports of the country. The samples will be taken deliberately, through a process with a scientific background, so from the moment someone enters, we will know that the specific person will have to be tested and in fact it will be done by health crews of the armed forces that will assisted by the fire brigade and the police. In any case, in cooperation with the airport manager and the medical staff and all those involved, I think that everything will go well, “the Undersecretary of Civil Protection explained.

Opening of borders with targeted tests on tourists
SKAI also reports on targeted tests on tourists at 27 airports in the country that will receive flights from 18 non-EU destinations from July 1. There are also 7 ports and up to 7 border stations, where the control will be done with “smart” barcode, as the report notes.

According to SKAI, the “green” and “red” countries will be abolished and the sample checks at all the entrance gates of the country will now be targeted tests based on a special software that will calculate which visitors are more likely to be carriers of the corona

According to Dimitris Paraskevi, associate professor of Epidemiology at EKPA and a member of the Committee of Experts, “with this algorithm, it is considered that the majority of imported cases will eventually be able to be detected by this procedure.”

Tourism: “Location Form” will be completed by passengers of international flights to Greece
It is recalled that as it became known today, according to an aviation directive of the Civil Aviation Authority, passengers of international flights arriving in Greece will complete a tracking form, or Passenger Locator Form (PLF) 48 hours before check in . In this way they will provide information about the departure airport, their address of residence, the time of their stay in Greece, as well as the other data, as they are determined by the above form.

According to SKAI, up to 48 hours before leaving for Greece, travelers will have to fill out a form with their details and data on their computer or mobile application, such as their country of origin, from which other countries they passed, where they were. the last 15 days.

This information will be gathered in a database and through their analysis each traveler will receive a special barcode, based on which the authorities here in Greece will know upon arrival whether it should be checked or not.

“The tests per entrance gate will be divided according to the risk that will be assessed per passenger. For example, if we have 1000 tests a day for Eleftherios Venizelos for the airport, these 1000 tests will be done in such a way that the possibility of detecting the positive cases per day and per entrance gate is maximized “, said Mr. Paraskevi.

It is noted that from July 1, in addition to the country’s 27 airports that open for flights from abroad, the ports in Patras and Igoumenitsa will start accepting ships from Italy, while the ports in Piraeus, Rhodes, Corfu, Volos and Katakolo they will be open for cruising but no trips have been scheduled yet.

Apart from Promachonas, the border station of Evzoni will be opened by road from July 1, while it is still being considered whether the passage from Krystallopigi, Kakavia Nymfaio, Kastanies and Kipos will be allowed.

On Tuesday, the final list of countries that receive the green light to join the EU
It is noted that according to a European source, the list of third countries, from which travelers will be able to enter the EU from July 1, is finally in writing.

The deadline expires on Tuesday morning, when the states will be officially announced . Last night, after six hours of consultations between the heads of the EU permanent missions . , an electronic voting and final announcement was decided today. The countries that are expected to get the green light are: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tunisia, Thailand, Serbia, Georgia, Uruguay, Rwanda, South Korea, Japan, Montenegro, Algeria and Morocco. These will include China on the condition that it pursues a policy of reciprocity, that is, that it also opens its borders to those entering from Europe.

The United States, Russia, Brazil and Turkey are left out.

The epidemiological criteria of the countries to be included in the list are the same or better than the European average.

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