Mitsotakis ( Greek PM): On Friday I hope to have the “green light” of the experts to start opening the market



Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a careful but clear message of optimism to the market, especially to the retail companies, which are being tested by the lockdown .

During his TV interview on ANT1, Mr. Mitsotakis on the one hand reassured about the adequacy of vaccinations, assuring the Greek people that “we have adequate vaccines. “Especially from April onwards, we will have a much larger supply of vaccines in relation to the demand for vaccination that will exist.” In fact, he pointed out that “we have pre-purchased twice the number of vaccines than we need” and added that “by June a significant percentage of the Greek population will have been vaccinated”.

On Friday, experts will make suggestions for opening the market
The Prime Minister pointed out that “at the moment the pandemic has been receding in our country for several weeks. This makes us more optimistic that we have managed to reduce the second wave and of course these are the data that will be available to the experts, in order on Friday to make us suggestions on how we should proceed with the opening of economic activity ».

Mitsotakis: The support will continue as long as needed
Mr. Mitsotakis assured: “Let all our fellow citizens and the special categories of workers know that we will stand by everyone and everyone who is in need. The state was, is and will be next to the companies and the employees “, he said, and announced in advance that” the Refundable Advance will continue “as long as it is necessary to support companies in need, which will see a big drop in their turnover”. The prime minister stressed that his government has given him “a lot of money to support the real economy” and cited the example of the Refundable Advance. “Perhaps the most successful financing measure, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have access to bank lending. I tell you, then, that the Refundable Advance will be continued as long as it is necessary to support companies in need, which will see a large drop in their turnover. “But we can not continue to operate with the economy closed.”

Mitsotakis: I am interested in the market to work even with click away
Regarding the discount period, he said that “I am interested in being able to return to the status we were at least at Christmas, so that the market can work even with click away or even in clothing and shoe stores so that we can enable citizens to enter the shops by appointment. Our main concern at the moment – and I fully understand it – is to help, to put it very simply in the language of the market, the trade to break out. This is very important, that is why our concern and our attention will be focused on how we will be able to manage the issue of discounts “.

He stressed, however, that the opening depends on the decision of the committee of scientists. “I am not the one who will ultimately indicate to the committee what it will decide. “I will say only one thing: that at the moment the epidemiological data are much better than they were on December 15, when we decided to open via click away,” he said.

Mitsotakis: Click away worked
“Click away worked. Especially for some industries it worked very well. It didn’t really work so well – and I hear entrepreneurs say it – on clothing and footwear. And we take it very seriously, because we are not out of a real economy. We are not out of the market. So we want to give the experts all the supplies and all the data so that they can make their decisions based on public health first and foremost and the state of the real economy. “And I believe that on Friday they will make their decisions based on these data”, the prime minister noted.

Mitsotakis: The first time I went against the committee of experts
In fact, he revealed the only time he went against the experts: “By my own decision – it was the first time I did something against the committee’s suggestions – I did something harder than what the committee asked me to do. I closed the economic activity for two weeks – the first two weeks of January – in order to prevent any possible impact of the relaxation that normally existed during the holidays. I think that if we had such an indication we would have already seen it. We do not see it, fortunately. And tell you why we do not see it? “Because the vast majority of citizens complied.”

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