OH What a Night in Kefalonia and the Ionian islands




So as daylight appears and we can have a brief inspection of outside whilst we are in the eye of the medicane before facing the wind again to get out the other side a brief catch up on where we are today and events so far;

  • Early yesterday schools were announced as closed today
  • No waste will be collected today
  • Courts are also suspended today
  • Archaeological around the island are closed today

Do not travel either on foot or by vehicle-Stay at home”

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic update in Kefalonia and Ithaca from tonight Thursday 17-9-2020 until Friday 18-9-2020​

Due to the severity of the extreme weather phenomenon, which is expected to intensify with stormy winds and unusual rainfall, we ask the residents of Kefalonia and Ithaca not to travel at all, either on foot or by vehicle, and to stay in their homes because the risk of accident is extremely high.

The local media are requested to facilitate the information of the public for the implementation of the recommendation and its protection.​


Stavros Travlos​

  • Update for Caves and Beaches/ 17 September 2020 /
    The Municipality of Sami informs that tomorrow Friday 18/09/2020 Melissani and Drogarati Caves as well as the beaches of the Municipality of Sami will remain closed.
    We recommend that citizens be particularly careful and avoid beaches and coastal areas, as announced by Civil Protection and Region.
    The Deputy Mayor responsible
    Nikolaos Rassias
  • These roads are closed until 18:00

a) In the Provincial Road N. 29 and specifically in the section that connects the settlement of Makriotika until the end of the settlement of Drakopoulata. The traffic of vehicles will be carried out through the E.O. 32 and 26, with care and attention of Α.Τ. Sami.​

b) In the Provincial Road N. 38, in its section within the settlement of Nyfi. The traffic of the vehicles will be carried out from the bypass roads of the area that the traffic of the vehicles is not hindered, with care and attention of T.T. Of Argostoli.​

  • We would like to inform you that during the night there were extensive tree falls both within the city of Argostoli (Orphanage area) and in the villages of our Municipality. In several cases, the trees have also carried PPC cables, such as at the entrance of the industrial area.

The coastal zone of Argostoli has been flooded. For your own safety, stay at home until the crews of the Municipality, the Fire Service and the PPC repair the damage and restore the functionality of the road network.​

We remind you the contact numbers:2671360166, 2671360159 and 6947620712 Α / Mayor of Civil Protection,​

6932311950, 6972602482, 6942534467 (Civil Protection).​



Notable events

  • Two planes scheduled to land in Kefalonia last night were diverted to Athens (Ryanair from Stansted & Milan)
  • The return passengers of these flights have been put up for the night in local hotels
  • Most UK flights scheduled to leave for Kefalonia today have been rescheduled for Saturday
  • Wind speeds were recorded at 11 Beaufort (70mph) we fully expect much higher speeds have happened and updated data will become available.
  • Ithaca lost power overnight as have many places in Kefalonia with supplies across the island switching on and off frequently overnight.

The storm is expected to head south later today (as image above), note the immense amount of rain potentially still to fall today.

More to follow as daylight breaks and tidy up commences before the winds recommence.

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