OTE - it could only happen in Greece

Martin Edwards

Staff member
So we had OTE installed at our villa for about a year now and they had to install a new post and line so they know exactly where we live.

The other week they phone us up and asked if we want to upgrade to their fibre package increasing our speed by at least 20 Mbs for a small increase of 5€ a month.

Well this was a no brainer with TV via internet , PS4 , two computers and phones any speed increase is good, so we upgraded

A week went by and speed checks indicated little if no improvement so we called 13888, for those of you who know OTE this can often take an hour to get through plus a unilateral decision to not keep you on hold but to kill the call with advise to try later!

Well we eventually got through explained the situation and were told the speed was not good , which we agreed with surprisingly enough! But they could do no more than contact the local team.

Very efficiently this morning we got a call from local technician who advised us contrary to what OTE sales people told us there was no chance of a faster connection in the village for the foreseeable future.

So Monday it's 13888 again to cancel the upgrade that could never be achieved.