Retail: “Locked” for January 18 opening with “click away2 and “click in shop”



Ethnos reveals the whole plan of the government for the opening of retail with click away and click in shop on January 18

The retail opens with a combination of click away and click in shop for very specific industries, except for a very serious surprise from next Monday, January 18th . In particular, as the days go by and the reactions of the commercial world increase, it seems that the reopening of the stores is “locked” with measures and precautions for the coronavirus , as the market is now suffocating with industry representatives talking about even 200,000 upcoming closures – maybe and much more.

It is characteristic that the Professional Chamber of Greece estimates that “the longer this vicious circle is extended, the greater the risk of immediate closure of even 50% of businesses, while some sectors such as catering are threatened with total destruction.”

Taking into account the situation that has been formed, with the data so far, as the Secretary General of Trade and Consumer Protection, Panagiotis Stampoulidis , points out to ethnos , the government is ready to allow the reopening if the green light is given by the committee of epidemiologists. of stores from Monday as follows:

  • Opening of all stores with the method of click away , as was the case in the period before the holidays in order to process the orders, which have already been placed.
  • Opening with a physical presence of clothing and footwear stores , but also of jewelry stores by applying the click in shop method and by observing strict protection measures .

The reopening of the stores will be done horizontally, which means that what is in the malls will also work .

Exceptions will be stores located in areas that are in the “red” and in which strict restrictive measures have been imposed .

Where the click in shop will be applied

With the click in shop the consumer will be able to make telephone or online appointments for his visit to the store at a predetermined time, to choose the product he is interested in there, to try it if he wishes and to pay for it in the store. The obligation to send sms to 13033 with the appointment from the store will definitely apply in order for the consumer to be able to go there.

The government’s financial staff estimates that this solution can “walk” as it will give a breath to the market and the period of discounts will not be lost , while its imprint on the transmission of the coronavirus is not large, as overcrowding will be prevented by the appointment process and the strict observance of the customer / square ratio.

Four customers per 100 square meters

By visiting with a pre-arranged appointment in each store can be up to 4 customers per 100 square meters at the same time . In many small neighborhood stores, this ratio practically means that only one customer can enter at a time.

In addition, for any movement, it will still be necessary to send an sms to 13033 , with the indication 2 if it is a purchase.

According to information, the suggestion of the competent ministries concerns the opening of stores with strict measures as it is estimated that the clothing and footwear industry lost about 80% of its turnover after the imposition of the lockdown and especially during the holidays, while they did not work at all. the jewelry stores.

However, the suggestion for the previous week was similar. However, he found the strong reaction of the infectious disease specialists , who considered the opening of the stores risky , especially since the opening of the Primary Schools had been approved .

Save the discounts

The only lifeline now is to save the discounts , as the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Giannis Chatzitheodosiou points out to ethnos, adding that it is most likely that the specific branches will be able to open with a limited physical presence from Monday: “Even if with the method “delivery within” or click in shop . That is, to give the possibility of physical presence of the consumer in a store with a predetermined appointment and for a limited period of time “he emphasizes.

He adds that due to the situation that has developed, there is an urgent need to take emergency measures to support companies, such as “cutting” debts and repaying the rest of their debt in installments that will reach 120.

“The longer their opening is delayed, even under certain conditions and with strict sanitary measures, the greater the need for more support measures. The final choice is now in the hands of the government. Whatever it is, it must support it with action and not leave to the mercy of God hundreds of thousands of companies and their employees who are in danger of being led to unemployment. We ask for the obvious. To work with rules. More dangerous is the current situation where we see delinquent behaviors while businesses and professionals are on the brink. Let the scientists and experts weigh things and decide, but also take responsibility for the economic catastrophe they cause “.


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