The Supreme Court is calling for an arrest warrant for animal abuse



The Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court , Olga Smyrli, requests a spontaneous procedure and arrests for the brutal abuse of animals in a circular to all the prosecutors of the country on the occasion of the recent sad incidents, such as in Nikaia , Chania and elsewhere.

The Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Olga Smyrli, demands from the prosecutors of the whole country, that the guilty be arrested and brought immediately to the judicial authorities for torture and abuse of animals that have shocked the public opinion.

Prosecutors of the Court of First Instance should follow the spontaneous procedure, provided that the conditions are met, when violations of the law are found, especially in cases of cruel treatment of any kind of animal, as well as any act of violence against it, especially poisoning, hanging, drowning, burning, and mutilation , is emphasized in the circular.

At the same time, it instructs prosecutors across the country to order from the police authorities in order to intensify their checks and to deal immediately when such complaints reach them.

It is recalled that the competent minister Makis Voridis has announced a tightening of legislation by converting the offense of animal abuse from a misdemeanor to a felony punishable by 5 to 10 years.

The circular on animal abuse in detail

SUBJECT: Animal protection issues

On the occasion of taking up my duties, as responsible for the supervision and coordination of the work of the responsible Prosecutors, in matters of environmental protection, protection of public lands, safety and health of workers and protection of animals, but also on the occasion that they are noted from time to time and recently, acts of animal cruelty and torture, I remind you of the observance of our previous relevant circulars with numbers 8/2013, 4/2014 and 2/2020 and I point out the following:

To take care of the observance of the provisions of Law 4039/2012, as in force, by giving relevant orders to the local Police Departments, to intensify their actions and their attention, in order to ascertain behaviors on the part of the citizens, which fall under its provisions. of the above law, to be addressed immediately and to act urgently, when they receive reports, lawsuits, information, internet posts, complaints, etc., for violations of the provisions of the above law and especially for cases of torture and abuse of animals and for cases of non-compliance with the obligations of owners of dominant pets, defined in article 5 of the above law, and especially concerning non-compliance with the rules of animal welfare, as described in case b ‘of article 1 of the above law.

Also order the local Police Departments to inform you about their findings and actions and to ask for your assistance in case of need.

The Prosecutors of the Court of First Instance should follow the spontaneous procedure (article 417 et seq. Of the Code of Criminal Procedure), provided that the conditions are met, when violations are found, provided in article 16 of the above law, especially cases of torture, abuse and cruel treatment of any kind of animal, as well as any act of violence against it, in particular poisoning, hanging, drowning, burning, crushing and mutilation.

Draw attention to the competent services of the Municipalities of your region, for the observance of their obligations, for the collection and management of stray pets, as they are specifically defined in article 9 of the above law.

The law

Also to implement the provisions of paragraphs 1, 2 of article 19 of the above law, regarding your competence, as long as the conditions are met, ie upon your order, the pet is temporarily or permanently removed or animal of another category, from the possession of the offender of the provisions of article 5 paragraph. 1 cases a ‘, b’ and c ‘and article 16 of the same law and the animal is delivered to the shelter of stray animals of the competent Municipality or to an interested animal welfare company or association. And if the treatment of the animal is particularly cruel and cruel and caused particular pain or fear to the animal, the final removal and by your order, prohibit the acquisition of another animal by the offender. Unless you deem it appropriate, when dealing with a publication or complaint, with an on-site autopsy,

The importance and seriousness of the above issues related to the protection of animals and the special diligence of the competent authorities, in order to prevent cases of abuse and torture of animals, is pointed out, as the occurrence of these phenomena is directly related to the general manifestation of crime. since the relationship between animal abuse, especially child abuse and more, has been known and documented for several years. In the United States in particular, animal crimes are being carefully investigated and used as a tool to detect child abuse and other vulnerable individuals. The relevant issues were referred to a scientific event on “Cycle of Violence – Child Abuse” organized by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court jointly with the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation on September 26 – 28, 2017,

Finally, inform us about violations of the above law according to the above mentioned and especially about acts of abuse and torture of animals in your area of responsibility and about your actions.


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