600,000 tourists will not come to Zakynthos and Kefalonia this year



The hoteliers of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca characterize this year’s tourist season as difficult, as bookings are minimal, lack of liquidity is a factor that concerns them, as well as the uncertainty that prevails, with their air connection with others. foreign countries.”The island of Zakynthos is 60% dependent on the English market and the remaining 40% on other European countries. As you understand at the moment, the airports of England are closed to Greece and some airports will be opened from August 1, with the situation being very difficult “, stressed the president of the Hoteliers Association of Alykes of Zakynthos, speaking to” Sto Kokkino Patras “. , Dionysis Potamitis.

A large percentage of hotels are not going to open at all, “in Alikes of Zakynthos more than 70% – 80% will not be opened. It is a large percentage and is determined by the market itself. Reservations have been canceled and much of them have become vouchers and have been moved to next year. The start of the season, in fact from August, is so limited that it is not possible for hotels to afford the minimal costs of operating costs. ”

In Zakynthos so far there are cancellations and few customers, “the rest of the classic market is cautious, they have their own problems in their countries (health-financial) and the insecurity of transport, which has been created during this period.”
Regarding the government measures, Mr. Potamitis said that the only support given by the government is through the banks and not direct liquidity to them, which makes it difficult for some to open their hotels and keep the staff they employed. last season.

“Banks do not accept the guarantee of the Greek state either, they ask for guarantees with real estate mortgages, if they are companies they ask for additional guarantees from the members of the BoD, and in this direction only the part of the entrepreneurs will be served, which is completely consistent with insurance and tax information, while the interest rates will range from 4% -8%, especially high and I am afraid that all the people involved in the tourism industry will not be able to access the banking system, “explained the president of the Association. Hoteliers of Alykes, Zakynthos.

What they were asking for was immediate liquidity, “because the ND government was happy to find a ready-made pillow, which no other government has been so lucky with so far, and the second part is that of European aid, which I think is an obligation to exist.” a national plan to reorganize Greece, in quality and not in quantity anymore, at least in the tourism sector, so as to maintain pricing policies, depending on other European countries and to have a qualitative leap in the country as a whole in the field of tourism “he said. Mr. Potamitis.

G. Timotheatos: 600,000 tourists will not come to Kefalonia and Ithaca this year

“All hotels will be open from July 1. Liquidity is a serious issue for hoteliers. Most received advance payments from tour operators through early bookings and this has been cut. It is a major problem with the decision of hotels to reopen because there is no liquidity. On the other hand, tour operators are pushing to get paid, whatever reservations they make after 50-60 days, you understand that this is a time when the hotelier should have enough liquid to finance the business “he stressed, speaking to” Kokkino Patras ” President of the Association of Hoteliers of Kefalonia / Ithaca, Gerasimos Timotheatos.

Lack of liquidity is a factor that worries the hoteliers of Kefalonia and Ithaca, as well as the uncertainty that prevails, with their air connection with other foreign countries, mainly with England and Italy, which is the largest part of tourists. , who choose the two Ionian islands for their summer vacation.

“These countries are currently on the blacklist and as long as the decision on when to open is delayed, it is up to the hoteliers to think about it. It is a negative development for the transfer of routes backwards “, as British Airways decided to start reduced flights to Kefalonia and Zakynthos on August 1,” the routes have been reduced, when before we had a daily connection with England and have flights 3 times on week, without knowing that these will be the final ones. Messages that show that it will be a very difficult period and not enough hotels will be opened in Kefalonia “.

International arrivals from Kefalonia Airport last year were more than 332,000, “until the end of June, when there will definitely be no flights, about 100.00 tourist arrivals have been lost. If we add to this number the cancellation of cruise ships, which this year were expected to be 220, we are talking about a loss of more than 600,000 tourists. This loss is a huge number for Kefalonia and Ithaca “, said Mr. Timotheatos.

Regarding domestic tourism and road tourism from the Balkan countries, it will somewhat stimulate traffic in Kefalonia, Corfu, Lefkada, because they have the privilege of connecting quickly with these countries, but “in no case is the paper that will save the batch “underlined and added for the reservations, which have been made so far that” none of this reservation can be trusted, they can be canceled at any time and without the obligation to pay cancellation, because the terms of the contracts have ceased to be valid. and we’re hanging out. ”

A downside for the island of Kefalonia is the non-functioning of the ICU of the island’s hospital, with the president of the Kefalonia / Ithaca Hoteliers Association pointing out that “although donated by an individual for a state-of-the-art wing, the only thing missing was Doctors, it is something that does not make us happy as a place. However, the struggle of the medical and nursing staff of the hospital is superhuman and they keep it open, under many difficulties and I believe that it will not prevent people from coming for holidays “.

Finally, he clarified that the sense of responsibility of hoteliers is great and there will be no discount on health protocols to make customers feel safe. “The demand of the industry was the total reduction of the tourist package, but we saw it in focus and transport, the government had to be more courageous in reducing the VAT and if it did not get it for this year, it had to announce it now for next year, for to make our tourist product competitive “.

source – stokokkino.gr

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