In what area of Greece should you stay, depending on your zodiac sign

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Have you ever thought which region of Greece would suit you most to spend the rest of your life? Which zodiac sign is made for crazy life, what for urban adventures, what to climb rails and sheep and what to dodge on an island? See below the area of Greece that fits each like sign


With the adventure and adrenaline boiling over in your blood, there’s no better place than a place that combines a ski resort with evening entertainment and drinks to warm up your kidneys and indulge in your favorite flirt. Hurry, now in Arachova.


You live for the luxury and the precious enjoyments of life. You do not accept to eat somewhere frivolous while wanting to go everywhere well-dressed and well-cared for. If you were a beauty of Greece, you would be the cosmopolitan Mykonos.


Tough decision. Mountain or sea? Village or capital? Plain or mountain ranges? You don’t even know it yourself. It must be a place that combines the need for socialization and the choice to be isolated. So in Aegina. Loss in summer and public holidays, heavy loneliness in winter.


He doesn’t want much thought. If Cancer was a Greek region, it would be the place that makes you think of loneliness but embraces you and your mother so you can’t get away. Put together the romanticism that holds it together. We’re talking about Ioannina.


Where could you be in the center of interest for everyone to see your wonderful personality and passion? Where could you be imposed but without competition? He prepared a trip to Meteora.


Another aristocratic zodiac sign that still loves minimalism and wild beauty. You should go to Hydra because it is the queen of the Argosaronic Gulf and does not allow cars on the island.


Balance is everything and everything in our lives must be in moderation. Right Weighing? You want to have sea to swim through, but you also want green to cool in the shade. Look no further. Hurry to the beautiful Kefalonia.


Mysterious and inaccessible, you are the zodiac sign that no one can unlock. If you were human you would be Pythia (Oracle of Delphi) , if you were a movie, you would be ET. alien and if you were a greek area, you would be Delphi.


What does a Sagittarius want to do well? Good people in his life, plenty of tsipouro but also a base for frequent getaways and changing shows. In Thessaloniki, which also has cheap flights.


Unfortunately I have given to Ioannina, which is a city that fits the capricious temperament of Capricorn. However, because this zodiac sign prefers absolute tranquility, it could move to an exotic island, such as Anafi.


The only zodiac sign that could live in Athens is (rightly) Aquarius. How to get the most eccentric personality in a small island or village? It is Athens with its nightlife, nerves in the morning due to traffic and countless choices (like its multi-faceted personality).


The last in a series of zodiac signs is Water and is very sensitive. He usually waits for the others to decide first. Fish, you have to move to Kia. Close to Athens so you won’t be scared for a last-minute destination.

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