Johnson wants to bypass the quarantine and build an “air bridge” with Greece



A Greek press article issued this afternoon picking up on the air bridge discussions going on in the UK at present.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to build air bridges with countries with good epidemiological elements, including Greece .

This plan Johnson configured to bend the reactions of the Tories for the quarantine of 14 days, as well as abolish the measures , Britain has announced it will impose to tourists from abroad.

Boris Johnson is desperately trying to find a way to mitigate the reactions amid warnings that the 14-day quarantine decree will “kill” the travel industry.

Underlining the aftershocks already facing shipping from the pandemic, the data came that only 23 people used Gatwick Airport in an entire day last week – when in the pre-Covid-19 era 45,000 people used the airport daily.

Members of parliament also called the quarantine measure ridiculous and pointless for tourists because those who are forced to do so will be allowed to go out to buy food and officials will not be allowed to enter their homes.

The detailed proposal is expected to be submitted to parliament by the interior minister in the next few hours, and the new terms are expected to take effect on Monday.

The government, which has said it will reassess the measure every three weeks, is considering approving the construction of air bridges by the end of the month as the summer holidays approach, the Times reported.

According to the British media, the countries with which the United Kingdom could build air bridges will be selected according to their economic importance for the United Kingdom, with the level of risk of transmission of the virus, with the number of passengers they will be affected by. with the measures taken at the airports, the newspaper reports.

Greeks will be able to avoid quarantine
The travellers arriving from Greece, Australia and Portugal will be able to avoid quarantine, according to the Daily Telegraph. The Conservative newspaper reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “personally favors” air bridges, following criticism from the Conservatives and warnings from more than 200 airline and tourism executives, such as Ryanair and IAG, which owns British Airways.

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