Kipouria Monastery

Martin Edwards

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Many of you will have visited Kipouria but hopefully
Next year you will be able to regularly get inside and see the renovation work
mages from the renewed monastery Kipouria

A beautiful picture

Arriving at the monastery in Keramies we were waiting for a great joy. The Metropolitan of Cephalonia Dimitrios loved this place because he looks after him and, as we were informed, he visits him twice a week.
The following images will surely cheer you. The dining room, the kitchen and the living room with the fireplace next to the kitchen are renovated. The final touches come with painting masonry-frames-furniture, new and repaired shutters, floor tiles and kitchen.
The day comes when the doors of the monastery will be open to the public daily (visiting hours of the public).


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Founder Member
Wow. Quite a change since we went in there a few years ago. It looks like an almost total re-build.