Mitsotakis and Steve Vranakis present the “tourism plan” on Thursday – A big campaign is starting



The government seeks to lend to the economy the maximum possible benefit from the successful response to the health crisis of the corona, through tourism .

The biggest bet is on the restart of tourism, where the Maximos Palace gives special importance. The goal is for the country to gain as much as possible from a already limited market, effectively saving a lost year.

Tourism is the strongest campaign to boost the economy
A strong effort is the campaign to promote Greek tourism, which will be presented at the Restart Tourism event next Thursday. It will be held in the presence of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, while the presentation will be made by Steve Vranakis, head of creativity at the Government Presidency. The campaign will promote the successful treatment of the pandemic, will highlight Greece as a hygienically safe destination and of course will remind of the special beauty of the Greek islands.

The borders for the first tourists will open on June 15 , with safety rules and protocols, while the operation of the 12-month hotels started yesterday. Targeted sample inspections will be carried out on visitors, the strengthening of health infrastructure on the islands has already begun and measures are being taken for the immediate management of possible cases.

The announcements about the measures on the islands have been going on for a week
These measures were examined in a meeting that the Prime Minister had yesterday with co-competent Ministers and executives of the Ministry of Health. Relevant announcements are expected next week, when the plan and the health protocols for the tests on the islands, the molecular control machines of the samples, as well as the air transport of patients will be presented. The goal, according to government officials, is maximum security for residents and visitors across the country.

There are currently 470 Covid beds on the islands. However, the process of strengthening the system is underway with the aim of reaching a capacity of 650 beds in early July. At the same time, the health units of the islands are being strengthened by staff in order to staff the structures that are being created. The process of strengthening the islands with machinery for the processing of molecular tests is also considered important, so that sample tests and tracking are possible in case of an accident. In any case, the epidemiological data will be constantly evaluated and accordingly our country will receive visitors from the countries that show improvement in their epidemiological curve.

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