The easy way to clean patio and window runners

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One of the most difficult places in the house to clean is the rails on the sliding balcony doors and windows, where dust and dirt gather.

The door rails are one of those parts of the house that are usually not cleaned. They collect dust, which is not easily removed, dirt and dust remain trapped inside the rail, and opening the balcony door does not help much. But we must clear up this difficult point.

A user of TikTok, the new online social networking site, especially at a younger age, has posted a video featuring her own unlikely trick to clear the balcony door rail. One of the smartest cleaning tips we’ve seen lately, that has even gone viral.

window cleaning lifehack with TikTok

this will change your life

Gepostet von TikTok am Freitag, 24. Mai 2019

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