Worsening Weather – Rain, snow and falling temperatures are coming

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Temporary deterioration will occur on Wednesday from the north-northwest. According to an emergency report issued by the National Meteorological Service, temperatures are expected to drop significantly in the central and northern parts of the country (between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius). Heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected at the same time, and heavy snowfall in the northern country even in low-lying areas and stormy north.
In detail, heavy rains and thunderstorms will occur on Wednesday in the Ionian, Epirus, western Central Greece, northwestern Peloponnese and gradually in Thessaly and the Sporades. In western Greece, the effects will be weakened by late afternoon.

The rains that will occur in Macedonia since Wednesday morning will quickly intensify and be heavy, especially in central Macedonia. From evening hours heavy rains and sporadic storms will affect Thrace, the northern Aegean islands and from the early morning hours of Thursday (02-04-2020) the eastern Aegean islands and possibly the Dodecanese.

At the same time, snowfall will occur tomorrow in the mountains, as well as in the central and northern hemispheres, which will gradually intensify. Heavy snowfall will occur from midday, even in low altitude areas of western and central Macedonia, northern Thessaly, gradually eastern Macedonia and from early morning hours of Thrace (indicative altitude of 200-300 meters).

On Thursday noon, the intense effects will be confined to eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the eastern Aegean islands and possibly to the Dodecanese, with gradual decline.

Also stormy winds (7 to 8 beauframes) of eastern directions will blow in the central and north of Wednesday afternoons, which will gradually turn northwards into the north and into the northern Aegean possibly reaching 9 beafes.

From Thursday noon the wind will gradually weaken.

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